Friday, October 1, 2010

My new beard

Well...I haven't written anything in far too long. I apologize. I have been too busy running huge miles and growing this absolutely glorious beard.

But training has been going really well the past few summer months. I have traditionally been a low to mid-mileage person, but have made a concerted effort the past 2 years up here in Gunnison to try to get to the point where I could handle much higher mileage. I finally feel comfortable running 100 mile weeks with a few quality workouts. Where 90 mpw used to be a huge struggle, now it feels very under control (knock on wood.)

My hope is that the new strength will really pay off later this Fall, but particularly in the Winter and Spring.

But until then, I am hoping to see some progress in the next several weeks. I am going to attempt my first 1/2 marathon on October 16th (The Murfreesboro Half)! I figured if ever I was going to be in a position to run a half, now is probably the time. I haven't started Max VO2 intervals that would lead to a fast 5 to 8k yet, but I think my longer tempo runs the past several weeks should help over a half. We will see, I guess. :)

I hope everyone's training is going very well and you all are enjoying the cross season.


Tuesday, September 28, 2010

One Day at a Time

Back in August I drove over to Grand Junction to have an evaluation done by a biomechancis specialist. This specialist has credentials a mile long and I trust his judgement along with my physical therapist's, both have come to the agreement that I have a pelvic instability on the left side. I have been working hard the past few weeks to address this weakness and as my body adapts to new mechanics new issues are inevitably popping up. Although what I am dealing with right now has me questioning whether it is from changing mechanics or something more acute. Something is wrong with my knee--I have heard everything from tendonitis to a stress fracture and still have no concrete idea of what is going on so I am working around it and treating it with ice, massage, anti-inflammatories and modalities (like iontophoresis and ultrasound). One of the things this summer has taught me is that I have to just go along for the ride, weather the ups and downs without letting either dictate my motivation. This has been a hard lesson to learn, but one I think I have figured out (at least today).

Tomorrow before work I am planning on running an hour or to right before my knee locks up and doesn't allow more running. I am taking things one day at a time but staying hopeful that I can keep training. My goal tomorrow is to make it through the whole hour without the excruciating knee pain that has happened the past few times I have run over an hour. Hopefully I will be successful!