Friday, April 29, 2011

Post Penn... 29:55

So, it was one of my first races really back from a couple of years ago that i have put up a decent time. Gate River Run was pretty good, but I didn't feel great and I didn't compete very well. I was hoping for a low 29s, but mainly a sub 29 min 10k.

The Race

I felt good last night or this morning... The race started at 12.15 or 12.30, but it was beautiful weather of little breeze, 65 degrees, and 60% humidity. I could have not asked for better weather for the race. We started out a little slow at 74 first lap and I felt good so I wasn't going to let that fly annnnddd... Was that my mistake... Maybe... Maybe not... I'm still not for sure, but I easily could have been. So I took the race over and hit a couple of 69's and went through the first mile in 4.45 still with a gap on the pack. shortly after that the pack caught up to me and I we started to crank out 70. Then I ask for someone else to do some work which a boy from Auburn jumped in and lead for the next mile or so. I took the lead again for pacing reasons and I still felt good. not for sure what my 5k time was or for that matter any other splits other then I fell off the lead pack with 2 miles to go. I never heard slower then a 73 called out and I fought tell the end to just go under 30.00min mark.

Not a bad race, but after talking to Blake and I kind of knew that my second lap surge might have taxed me a little too much to hold on for the last 2 miles. I do believe if I could have gotten to a mile to go with the 2 leaders then I could have stuck on, but 2 miles was my breaking point. I feel like I'm very close to a fitness jump and now I will bump up my miles a see if I can get into Gary Bjorklund 1/2 marathon for June.

Now for a great weekend in Philly and Penn Relays!

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Build up 2 Penn Relays

So it seems like it's been for ever since i have posted and may be it has. I'm going it change that right about now!

I did race the 3k at boulder at that was kind of a sub par race. I was 3rd place and it was windy so I wasn't able to really get my legs moving as fast as i wanted too. I ran 8.53 for the 3k and went through the mile at 4.40, but that was more of a negative split to get to 4.40. I had to surge a couple of times just to get into 2nd place and I didn't have much left when i try to catch the leader.

My last couple of weeks I have been able to get some good workouts. I did a 2x2 miles with a 3x 1min. on/1min off in between reps. felt pretty good (5.14, 5.02) (5.02, 5.06) and did those in my adi tempo's, so a little heavier flat then i usually wear.

Then 8x1ks on the track 3.05, 3.03, 3.02, 2.59, 2.58 2.57, 2.58, 2.56. I didn't feel great, but was still able to break down to 2.56. I felt like effort was there, but my pacing was a little slow. Effort is key training here at altitude and my legs felt that sea level pain.

2mile tempo + 4x 800- 4.50, 5.13, 2.22, 2.28, 2.28, 2.20 feeling sharper and sharper for the race.

last workout before penn 10k and I was able to jump in with Gary Stains Group of Robert Cheseret and a couple of other Army WCap guy's. We did a 2k time trial on a cold, snow, and windy Saturday. We went out in 61 first lap and i was not up for that and slow to a 68, and when through the mile at 4.35. They were gone after the first lap, so i pushed it in the rest of the way. That was the best thing i could have done before Penn, because i needed a effort to get my heart pumping like i was at sea level again. That was my race buster that i needed.

I feel very good today and ready to race on Thursday. my legs feel strong, my mind sharp, and
my belief that I can run fast. I plan on going out in 4.30 to 4.35 first mile, 14.20 to 14.30 at 5k, staying right about that pace until 8 laps to go and closing the race up from there. sub 29. min 10k! Thats the plan and not pictures this time, because my camera acted like it took a picture and didn't take it. however I will describe it to you- It was Robert, Augustus, and me at Cheyenne Mountain Track after the 2k time trial and both the track and we were covered in snow. it was pretty cool pic

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Back out

Racing Update:
Well after the small setback with my calf back in early March, things have gone well in training. I have only had one week below 80 miles (75) and the rest have been between 81 and 90. The weather has been very nice except the snow outside as of now, but we need the moisture here along the front range, and epically the southern plains.

I have done two races lately, the first being the Mile High Mile and the second being the Boulder Distance Classic. The mile was not bad considering that it was not a favorable fast course with some decent hills around Invesco Field. It was a counter clockwise race starting at the south side of the field, with the finish inside the stadium. There were 1700 or so runners, so it really was much bigger then in years past. The men's mile basically was a BRC show with Myself and Greg Rendil going 1 and 2. I ran 4:28 and Greg ran about 4:31.

Yesterday was the Boulder Distance Classic at the Res. We left Colorado Springs at 6 A:M with temps in the 40's, and arrived in Boulder to snow and wind! Gettinbg out of the car to pick up packets was welcomed with cold, cold temps and wind/snow. I think the three of us were not quite prepared for the cold, but I guess we should have known better being that it is springtime in Colorado. I had decided to run the 15k a few weeks back which is not normally what I would have done. The 15k went off first, and right away it was a three man race between myself, Tyler McCandless sp?? and Japheth Ng'ojoy. It stayed that way until about 5.5 miles when both of them took off as I just sat back and watched. I let things ride and caught back up to Japheth at about 8.5 miles and held on for second. Tyler won in 49:27 as I ran 49:50. Besides the cold weather it was a nice run and something different.
In the 5k Mike Chavez of the BRC team won in 15:30ish and Robby Young took 4th in 15:58, which considering in injuries he has dealt with was a great way to kick start racing again.
Andy Rinne, who runs for the store team ran 16:36 and somehow got the short end of the stick when the final results came out (16:56), so I expect him to have some fast times on more favorable courses later in the year.
Have a good one.