Thursday, February 23, 2012


Unfortunately, I have some bad new to report. After the trials I was pretty beat up, so I took about 2 weeks off with little to no running. Afterward I started putting in some decent miles and trying to ramp up some workouts. I got about three weeks in and my old faithful achilles injury started acting up again. I dealt with it throughout the Trials training cycle, but kinda just trained through it by not doing anything too quick or hilly. But now that I don't have any big races on the horizon I have decided it is probably the best time to fully rehab the injury, as the achilles is a very dangerous injury to mess around with. It's crazy to think I have been dealing with this thing since last March, but that's how some running injuries are. So I am not trying to set a date for when I want to be running again, that way I really take the time to get ready for another good training cycle.

Having patience with running is not an easy thing to do. Watching everybody on letsrun, flotrack, and of course your fellow brc athletes tearing up the racing scene makes you really want to jump the gun. I have found reading articles and watching clips of people who have come back from long injuries is really inspiring and keeps giving me hope. Trying to keep the negative thoughts away is always tough, but finding enjoyment in hobbies and your support group is a great tool. So not too much to report here, but hopefully I can be blogging good news soon on my very own comeback trail.