Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Capping off the Year

Club XC, what a weekend--lots of plusses and a few minuses. Highlights from the trip include but are definitely not limited to:
1) Tera's race. I mean seriously. I think that she needs to patent a training program titled something like, "From-Boot-Back-To-Badass-In-Just-Six-Short-Weeks!" She could make millions. (Individual results may vary.)
2) Running Republic of Who?
3) Mechanical Bull Riding. Enough said.
4) EVERYONE'S mad dancing skills.

<--Tera on a mission.

Now on to the race. Bittersweet. On the whole we ran well, second only to McMillan Elite--worthy competitors to say the least. Our scorers (Tera, Ali, Cassie, Nichole and Stephanie) packed it up and did a great job. Well no, everyone did a great job, we've got serious depth, and it's only going to get better. But alas, no three-peat for us this year. The course, outside of a crazy bottle-neck start made more crazy by the fact that there were about 250 people in the race (even more for the guys), was about as fast and flat as they come, minus that one doozy of hill--namely the backside of the hill, where it was about everything that you could do not to fall straight down it. Conditions were great.

Wendy, Kristin and me on the homestretch.-->

Individually though it was tough not to be more than a little disappointed. My initial goal was a top-30 finish, realistic considering the quality and depth of the field. Despite running what I thought to be a relatively smart race, I finished back in the 60's and ran a time equivalent to what I've run 5,000+ feet higher in elevation. No excuses, I got spanked, that's all there is to it. But needless to say I've got some reassessing to do and 6 weeks until USA XC, so maybe there'll be a shot at redemption there. But talk is cheap, so back to work.

Anyway, thanks to Cody for keeping us all in line (and defending us from the onslaught of creepy cowboys at Whiskey River), Eron for the sweet Adidas gear, and of course everyone on the team for your....awesome-ness. Bigger things to come for 2011!

club cross

I haven't been this sore since my first marathon in 2005. Today is 3 days after club cross and it won't go away! I feel like a little old lady. Racing so soon after such a long post injury break (6 weeks in a boot) was definitely jumping the gun.....But I'm happy I got to help out my team and be a part of it instead of my original plan of being the water girl. I am THRILLED to be running again pain free and getting to race was a huge bonus. Although our team didn't win we had a great weekend and I'm pretty sure everyone had an awesome time.
I'll admit it....I stayed up way past by bedtime and danced for 5 hours straight Saturday night. (can I count that as my long run?) It's not something I do often. I'm pretty much always in bed by 9 reading and sometimes even earlier. But sometimes its good to let off some steam and there's no one I would rather do that with than my BRC teammates.
I don't know whats up next. I don't have anything on my racing schedule because I had no idea how long my foot would take to heal. It didnt hurt after the race so I think I am good to go once the rest of my body comes around.
In non running news I'm looking forward to going to Chicago this week! I love the city at christmas with all the lights and window displays. I have been wanting to see wicked since it came out and its finally going to happen. Plus I get to eat potbellys everyday for almost a week and see a bunch of friends and family. It's going to be a very merry christmas.