Friday, February 3, 2012

What's been going down

I'm pretty happy to already have two races under the belt for 2012! About a month ago was the Quicker Quaker 5k up in Lafayette, which was a good one, except that I hadn't done it previously and had heard it was a "really fast" course. Um no. Maybe I misunderstood and was really told that it attracts really fast people. Because it does. It was Olympic Trials weekend though and you've gotta figure, "While the cats are away the mice will play!" And aside from just being a fun race, they were offering up some $$cha-ching$$ for the top 3. And I got 3rd so that was swell. Nicole Aish and Melody Fairchild were neck-in-neck the whole time, with Melody coming away with the win--she's back in buisiness.

Last weekend was the Fast-and-Flurry-ous 4.1 Mile xc race up in Boulder. GREAT race and the course is a real booger (definitely one of the harder xc courses I've ever run...I loved it.) made more boogery by some snow, sketchy footing, icy patches, and 20-odd degree temps. But it was a blast and a perfect tune-up for U.S. Cross. Not to mention it was FAST. I got 4th that day, and they offered up even more $$cha-ching$$ for the top 5 there, so I could at least justify taking off work that day. BRC-Boulder put on a great race and the added rivalry with Boulder Track Club made it more fun with a lot of the team all being there, it was a little bit like a miniature Club XC. Oh and I have put in my vote to add hay-bales to the course next year, just to shake things up a little more.

Training is going great and I feel awesome. We got a hefty dump of snow today so it was a forced easier-than-I-wanted day....but probably for the best. 8 days till USA's!!!!

Training camp in north carolina

Great week here in durham! Team type 1 gave me the opportunity to fly out here to train and study my blood sugar levels. I'm staying here with Missy foy who has had type 1 diabetes for the past 15 plus year and is now help me out with my diabetes.

Tuesday I was on the track and did on and off 1ks avg 3.07 my offs were 3.38. So just about 5 min pace for the ons and just under 6 min pace for the offs. I did it 4 times. Blood sugar was great (100 the whole time)!

Workout today (Friday the 3rd) long run as progressive tempo. Started out first 2 miles at 7 min, next 2 6.50, then next 4 was about 6.25, next 2 were 6.00, then 2 more at 5.50, the last 3 were 5.15 and under. Great run, felt great, but from the start blood sugar was low and kept having to take my powerbar gel.

Since I've been here I have been able to watch a couple of soccer games, duke womens basketball game, meet up with an old friend (Lauren Bonds), got the powerbar sponsorship for 2 years, and I'm starting to talk to some agents for some diabetes company's sponsorships.

Lot of stuff happening! You can also fallow me on twitter @tommyneal2