Saturday, July 30, 2011

"Positivity" and Boulder Rocks My Face Off

Ever been asked, "if you could have dinner with anyone, who would it be?" Einstein? The President? Elvis? Nastrodamus? God? Paul Michel? All good answers, but I'll tell you who you answer should be: Jason Hartmann. Why? Because he's a swell guy. And as it turned out, I did in fact have dinner with him while hanging out with some friends a couple of weeks ago. We got into some kind of lengthy and highly philosophical conversation about priorities in life, figuring out what you're doing, and more importantly why you're doing it. Sometimes someone tells you precisely what you needed to hear without even knowing that you really needed to hear it. I was interested to hear about his approach to his running given that technically it is his job, and as such it could easily become a chore and merely a means to an end. The bottom line of his subsequent impassioned (and unrehearsed) rant that followed was that life is all about finding a dream to chase, and chasing it for the right reasons. Do something because you love it and because you want to see what you can make of it. Live simply, cut out the distractions, stay away from people and situations that bring you down, the hinderances, and things that take the joy from it and complicate things that should be simple. Don't do it to make a name for yourself or to prove anything. His brilliant analogy was that of chef that starts out with a great recipe and starts trying to make it "better" by adding more and more, till eventually it's not as good anymore. "Positivity!" Was how he summed it up. While not all exactly his words, you get the gist. Positivity!

Long run near Boulder Res.

Moving on. At the risk of jinxing myself, I will say that training and racing is going GREAT! I've finally been able to get my mileage back up to a greater volume than I have in nearly four years, and I feel awesome. Seriously, there have been a few Sundays when I have been sorely tempted to sneak in another run in the evening after a long run. It's like, "What?! Where did all of this energy come from? Where has this been all this time??!!" It's like I'm high on whatever it is that they smoke here except I'm not smoking it! I have even come to enjoy track sessions. Astonishing I know. Boulder is AMAZING!!! Soooo many trails, soooo many good training partners, and Boulder Creek is the best ice tub you could ask for. I could not ask for a better place to train, and a better environment to be part of.

Last Saturday was the Classic 10k in Springs, which went pretty well! It was actually my first 10k race not on a track, and first one at altitude, so it was an altitude PR (by default, but who's keeping track?). While perhaps I could have raced more intelligently (that first 5k has you thinking you'll feel like a champ the whole way) I was still pleased with the result and felt pretty strong. It was good to see the BRC out there repping and HUGE congrats to Tera who is on a comeback of epic proportions! Great job to Adrian, Steph, Sara, Aucencio, Matt, Tommy, Adam and Robby. Lots of green in the field that day. Keep the good races coming! Out.

Friday, July 29, 2011

July Training


Again WOW is pretty much how my training has been going. Well I'm back to fitness from 2 years ago and it's just the right time to have a good build up for this fall and going into the Olympic Trials in January.

Last couple of weeks...

20 x 400m avg. 66 seconds.

10k tempo/race ran 31.02
next day/sunday 16mile progressive long run- total 1.31- last 3 miles 5.30, 5.38, 5.18

tuesday- 6x mile with Cody Hill and David "Greenhorn" Marino help. avg. 4.43 per mile

friday/today- 6 mile progressive tempo- fast first mile 4.59, 5.08, 5.04, 5.03, 4.58, 4.46

feeling very good today after the workout and ready for more! my next races looks like sept. 5th Park to Park 10miler Denver, CO, sept 17th The Great Cow Harbor 10k Northport, NY, Oct. 3rd USATF 10 Mile Championships in Minneapolis, MN.

I know for a fact that i'm going to be extremely ready them and it will be a lot of fun seeing what I can do in them.

Oh yeah, it's nice to hear Paul Michaels is back in colorado and i know that Banana Hands Hayfer is back running and Aucencio is back racing this past weekend at the classic 10k! Plus, American Distance Project is starting to really form now with Scott Simmons being in town for a couple of weeks. We now have Chris Barnicle, Renee and Austin Baillie that are moved into town for the group. More to come about the group the closer we get to Oct....


Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Foot healed and running underway!

Good news last week, the bone in my foot has healed nicely, and I was given the ok to gradually start running again. The very first run went surprisingly well, not only with the foot but also my fitness and just the awesome feeling of running that I've missed. Since then, I ran two days, took a day off, ran two more days, and am swimming today. The runs themselves have been 20 - 40 min, plus the Incline yesterday. The legs and foot are a bit sore, but that will keep me from doing too much too fast. It's a good kind of sore that should keep getting better. I can't wait to get back to running my favorite trails with friends again.

There were some awesome performances by those who raced the Classic 10k this weekend, especially considering how competitive it was! Nice job Tera, Shannon, Adrian, Adam, Robby, Tommy, and Matt. Sorry if I missed anyone.