Saturday, March 12, 2011

Tough night

Tough night at the DII Nationals. We had a four second lead with a lap to go in the Distance Medley Relay and we got run down on the last straight. It actually took my breath away. Our fans thought we had it in the bag, chanting for us, but somehow this Shippensburg guy got relay muscles on the bell lap and passed Ben with just meters to go. I love coaching, but that kind of thing hurts. You have no control and you feel for a guy like Ben, especially when he sees it on video. We'll been consistant in the DMR with three seconds and a first since they reinstated it a few years back. Two boys going tonight, one in the mile and one in the 800m so hopefully positive things to come.

Monday, March 7, 2011

Gate River Build Up

So training has been going really well going into Gate River 15k and I'm really looking forward to racing on the roads again. I kind of need to have a redemption year this year. Last couple of works were pretty good-

2 weeks ago I did 8x 1k's and I took 2.59,2.58,2.59,2.59,2.57,2.58,2.58,2.58 with 2min rest. felt pretty good however I spiked up and had a big blister on my inside foot. I could feel it on the last 4, but it took a lap to get it warmed up. I think thats why I didn't go much faster the 2.57. It will come it will come...

last Tuesday I did a 4 mile tempo in 19.56- 4.59avg. 4.56, 4.51, 5.11, 4.58. Felt pretty good, however I still looking for a little bit fast workouts here pretty soon.

Training is going good, but i'm still not where i was 2 years ago. I hoping that Gate River is that brake out race that puts me back on my game.

I also have a pic of Adrian and I after a workout at the Air Force indoor track! It's so nice to get on a nice warm track and not worry about the outside weather.

One more thing... Our adidas race kit this year are awesome!!! I love the green and they fit great!!!

I'll see you on the other side
(Post Gate River)


One more side note: Some of my old college buddy have a band called Ha Ha Tonka and they have been touring for quite a few years now. I just heard that they have a new album out and more importantly they are in the April 11th Anthony Bourdain's 'No Reservations'! Ha Ha Tonka's Website

at the races

Yesterday I went and watched Jay run a 10 mile race in Pueblo. I thought it might be hard going to watch a race while I'm sidelined by injury but it turned out to be an AWESOME day. Ashley and David came along as well and we had a blast.
It was so cool seeing Jay run a HUGE minute and a half PR in the 10 mile. It was really inspiring and shows how much hard work and dedication to the little things really pay off in running. Jay has been diligent about his training lately and cleaned up his diet. He also even ate a little bit of breakfast before the race which he usually doesn't do. I REALLY think this is important, especially in longer races.
I know it hasn't been easy for him. Jay works long hours and sometimes gets up before 5 to get his training in. And we share a love of candy and I know how hard it can be to cut back on that :) but im sure a minute and a half PR is well worth it. I'll try and remember that next time I'm reaching for the reese's pieces.
Good Luck to everyone racing at Gate River this weekend. I am insanely jealous.