Monday, March 7, 2011

Gate River Build Up

So training has been going really well going into Gate River 15k and I'm really looking forward to racing on the roads again. I kind of need to have a redemption year this year. Last couple of works were pretty good-

2 weeks ago I did 8x 1k's and I took 2.59,2.58,2.59,2.59,2.57,2.58,2.58,2.58 with 2min rest. felt pretty good however I spiked up and had a big blister on my inside foot. I could feel it on the last 4, but it took a lap to get it warmed up. I think thats why I didn't go much faster the 2.57. It will come it will come...

last Tuesday I did a 4 mile tempo in 19.56- 4.59avg. 4.56, 4.51, 5.11, 4.58. Felt pretty good, however I still looking for a little bit fast workouts here pretty soon.

Training is going good, but i'm still not where i was 2 years ago. I hoping that Gate River is that brake out race that puts me back on my game.

I also have a pic of Adrian and I after a workout at the Air Force indoor track! It's so nice to get on a nice warm track and not worry about the outside weather.

One more thing... Our adidas race kit this year are awesome!!! I love the green and they fit great!!!

I'll see you on the other side
(Post Gate River)


One more side note: Some of my old college buddy have a band called Ha Ha Tonka and they have been touring for quite a few years now. I just heard that they have a new album out and more importantly they are in the April 11th Anthony Bourdain's 'No Reservations'! Ha Ha Tonka's Website

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