Friday, February 3, 2012

Training camp in north carolina

Great week here in durham! Team type 1 gave me the opportunity to fly out here to train and study my blood sugar levels. I'm staying here with Missy foy who has had type 1 diabetes for the past 15 plus year and is now help me out with my diabetes.

Tuesday I was on the track and did on and off 1ks avg 3.07 my offs were 3.38. So just about 5 min pace for the ons and just under 6 min pace for the offs. I did it 4 times. Blood sugar was great (100 the whole time)!

Workout today (Friday the 3rd) long run as progressive tempo. Started out first 2 miles at 7 min, next 2 6.50, then next 4 was about 6.25, next 2 were 6.00, then 2 more at 5.50, the last 3 were 5.15 and under. Great run, felt great, but from the start blood sugar was low and kept having to take my powerbar gel.

Since I've been here I have been able to watch a couple of soccer games, duke womens basketball game, meet up with an old friend (Lauren Bonds), got the powerbar sponsorship for 2 years, and I'm starting to talk to some agents for some diabetes company's sponsorships.

Lot of stuff happening! You can also fallow me on twitter @tommyneal2

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