Tuesday, December 14, 2010

club cross

I haven't been this sore since my first marathon in 2005. Today is 3 days after club cross and it won't go away! I feel like a little old lady. Racing so soon after such a long post injury break (6 weeks in a boot) was definitely jumping the gun.....But I'm happy I got to help out my team and be a part of it instead of my original plan of being the water girl. I am THRILLED to be running again pain free and getting to race was a huge bonus. Although our team didn't win we had a great weekend and I'm pretty sure everyone had an awesome time.
I'll admit it....I stayed up way past by bedtime and danced for 5 hours straight Saturday night. (can I count that as my long run?) It's not something I do often. I'm pretty much always in bed by 9 reading and sometimes even earlier. But sometimes its good to let off some steam and there's no one I would rather do that with than my BRC teammates.
I don't know whats up next. I don't have anything on my racing schedule because I had no idea how long my foot would take to heal. It didnt hurt after the race so I think I am good to go once the rest of my body comes around.
In non running news I'm looking forward to going to Chicago this week! I love the city at christmas with all the lights and window displays. I have been wanting to see wicked since it came out and its finally going to happen. Plus I get to eat potbellys everyday for almost a week and see a bunch of friends and family. It's going to be a very merry christmas.

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