Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Build up 2 Penn Relays

So it seems like it's been for ever since i have posted and may be it has. I'm going it change that right about now!

I did race the 3k at boulder at that was kind of a sub par race. I was 3rd place and it was windy so I wasn't able to really get my legs moving as fast as i wanted too. I ran 8.53 for the 3k and went through the mile at 4.40, but that was more of a negative split to get to 4.40. I had to surge a couple of times just to get into 2nd place and I didn't have much left when i try to catch the leader.

My last couple of weeks I have been able to get some good workouts. I did a 2x2 miles with a 3x 1min. on/1min off in between reps. felt pretty good (5.14, 5.02) (5.02, 5.06) and did those in my adi tempo's, so a little heavier flat then i usually wear.

Then 8x1ks on the track 3.05, 3.03, 3.02, 2.59, 2.58 2.57, 2.58, 2.56. I didn't feel great, but was still able to break down to 2.56. I felt like effort was there, but my pacing was a little slow. Effort is key training here at altitude and my legs felt that sea level pain.

2mile tempo + 4x 800- 4.50, 5.13, 2.22, 2.28, 2.28, 2.20 feeling sharper and sharper for the race.

last workout before penn 10k and I was able to jump in with Gary Stains Group of Robert Cheseret and a couple of other Army WCap guy's. We did a 2k time trial on a cold, snow, and windy Saturday. We went out in 61 first lap and i was not up for that and slow to a 68, and when through the mile at 4.35. They were gone after the first lap, so i pushed it in the rest of the way. That was the best thing i could have done before Penn, because i needed a effort to get my heart pumping like i was at sea level again. That was my race buster that i needed.

I feel very good today and ready to race on Thursday. my legs feel strong, my mind sharp, and
my belief that I can run fast. I plan on going out in 4.30 to 4.35 first mile, 14.20 to 14.30 at 5k, staying right about that pace until 8 laps to go and closing the race up from there. sub 29. min 10k! Thats the plan and not pictures this time, because my camera acted like it took a picture and didn't take it. however I will describe it to you- It was Robert, Augustus, and me at Cheyenne Mountain Track after the 2k time trial and both the track and we were covered in snow. it was pretty cool pic

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