Friday, April 29, 2011

Post Penn... 29:55

So, it was one of my first races really back from a couple of years ago that i have put up a decent time. Gate River Run was pretty good, but I didn't feel great and I didn't compete very well. I was hoping for a low 29s, but mainly a sub 29 min 10k.

The Race

I felt good last night or this morning... The race started at 12.15 or 12.30, but it was beautiful weather of little breeze, 65 degrees, and 60% humidity. I could have not asked for better weather for the race. We started out a little slow at 74 first lap and I felt good so I wasn't going to let that fly annnnddd... Was that my mistake... Maybe... Maybe not... I'm still not for sure, but I easily could have been. So I took the race over and hit a couple of 69's and went through the first mile in 4.45 still with a gap on the pack. shortly after that the pack caught up to me and I we started to crank out 70. Then I ask for someone else to do some work which a boy from Auburn jumped in and lead for the next mile or so. I took the lead again for pacing reasons and I still felt good. not for sure what my 5k time was or for that matter any other splits other then I fell off the lead pack with 2 miles to go. I never heard slower then a 73 called out and I fought tell the end to just go under 30.00min mark.

Not a bad race, but after talking to Blake and I kind of knew that my second lap surge might have taxed me a little too much to hold on for the last 2 miles. I do believe if I could have gotten to a mile to go with the 2 leaders then I could have stuck on, but 2 miles was my breaking point. I feel like I'm very close to a fitness jump and now I will bump up my miles a see if I can get into Gary Bjorklund 1/2 marathon for June.

Now for a great weekend in Philly and Penn Relays!

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