Wednesday, April 7, 2010

I don't WANT to do it, do I HAVE to do it?

Hello to all to all! I see they changed the web page a bit and it looks good! Thanks again to all for checkin our blogs and being supportive!
I'm kinda embarrassed to even be writtin about what I will be talking about! But everybody must know what has been going on with me. Since Indoor U.S.A Champs, I honestly haven't done much for training. I put in a good week after U.S.A's, but the week after that was the complete opposite.
It all started after I took some time off after Club Nationals. I felt like I needed more time to relax and be "human". So I took more time off than what I was expecting (6 days). During those days, I had already made up my mind that I was just going to train through Indoors and push hard for Outdoors. Coach Martin told me the sooner I race Indoors, the better off I will be physically. turned out ok, but deep inside I knew I was half-ass-ing the season. Couple weeks after U.S.A's, I didn't feel like running. Since then, I haven't affiliated myself with anything that had or has to do with running.
So therefore, I am not going to compete at all this spring. I don't WANT to run at the moment.
This is the reason why I titled my post what I did.
I will come back to running when I WANT to, not feeling that I HAVE to. It's been a big difference to me in those 2 words. Wanting something is when you have the deep urge to do it. Having to do something is almost a duty or job if you will.
I will get the passion back, I just don't know when I will get it back.
I surely will keep everyone posted what is going on with me.
Good Luck to all this spring.

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