Sunday, May 9, 2010

Year of Having Fun

It's been too long since I've written on the blog, sorry. First, congrats to everyone on the team for the amazing race results everyone has had.

Since the last post I have had some wonderful workouts and races. At ASU I raced a 5k at 10k pace and hit 16:42 (goal was 16:40). It was such a fun meet with a college-basketball-like atmosphere with music playing, t-shirts being thrown to the crowd, and a golf cart driving around the track to videotape some of the events. Back here in Colorado I race a couple 1500m races during the most windy days we've had. Then last weekend the best thing happened, I hit the 'A' standard time for the 10k to qualify for USA Nationals. It all happened at Stanford along with Nicole and Ali. I feel so blessed to have met this season goal that I thought was a bit of a reach since I've only been training seriously again for one year. I knew I'd do it eventually, but not so soon. It's been an incredible ride and I need to give much thanks to those around me helping each step of the way.

I have been fortunate enough to truly be having fun during all of it. In the past there were some many times my running was a chore and I looked forward to it being over. There were so many times running wasn't fun and I wanted to quit, but I continued on for variety of reasons. This past year has made me realize why I really get out there every day and enjoy each step I take, even when it seems torturous. I do it for the competition, team atmosphere, testing of limits, traveling, and fitness. But ultimately I do it for fun, to spend time with Russ and Chubbs and friends, and to grow spiritually. I've learned to love the journey as much as the destination. Ok, enough of my sappy-ness, it's been an emotional week and weekend for me so don't mind me.

Other random things to blog about:
  • Yesterday I ran at Three Sisters in Evergreen and it was one of those runs you hope never ends. If you ever want a beautiful place to run go to this park, it's wonderful and links to other great trails. The air was cool and crisp, the trails were snow-free, and the landscape was turning green. I could run these trails everyday.
  • I'm going to be an aunt for the first time!!! One of my younger brothers' (who is in the Marines) wife is 7 weeks pregnant. I'm super excited and wish they lived closer rather than in LA. I'm going to have to go buy a running and soccer outfits to be sure the correct influences are occuring.
  • Took my PE Exam and now I get to wait until July to learn if I passed or failed. It was mulitple choice, not sure what takes so long to send out results.
  • Next races...1500m next weekend and then Bolder Boulder!!

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