Monday, July 11, 2011

Rolling back into action...soon!

Time for an update. It's been a fun summer so far with some time off work and cross-training in the form of swimming, biking, and hiking the Incline. Also, some friends are visiting from Baylor and Harvard so it's literally a houseful of runners and there's always something going on!

Last week, I saw the doctor for another x-ray. It was a 4-week check-in (total of 10 weeks). The bone is healing beautifully and looked great. But just to be conservative, he's giving it two more weeks. Most likely, I'll start running then! In the meantime, I can keep doing what I've been doing. My foot is a bit sore in that area, so I'll use the time to stretch and strengthen my feet and ankles and cut back on the extra support in my shoes. I'm grateful it has healed so well since it could have taken much longer or not healed at all. I'm a little anxious about change on the horizon, even if I'm looking forward to it, but there's really no need to worry or rush. Just enjoy the journey.

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