Sunday, April 1, 2012

March training month

Wow great month of training and looking forward to mount sac this month. I have been over 100 miles a week for the past 7 weeks and feeling great!(750 total miles in 7 weeks). I will complete another 120 miles this week as well.

Workouts have been really good as well , so it's a very good combo with the miles, workouts, and diabetes. 25x400m with 50 sec rest I avg. 68s with 2 hammers #20 & 24- 62,63

As for my diabetes control I'm doing really good my hard workouts push my body up to 200 to 220 so I have cool down for about 5 or 6 miles to be back to normal levels.

My nutrition and diabetes I have really experimented with it constantly. I eat a lot of smoothies- I have smoothies for pre easy 6 mile run, post workout, recovery, and my most importantly my BG is to high but I need to eat. Lots of bacon and eggs, fish and broccoli, and steel cut oats(with nutmeg, cherrys, almond milk) are my fav post workout meal!

And super pumped about win St. Pattys day run! I had some great competitors and I was so happy to get my first win since getting type 1 diabetes.

Thanks for reading

Keep it sweet but not with sugar!

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