Saturday, October 13, 2012

England and the London Olympics

Two months later, I finally found time to write a blog about our trip to London. Since last summer we were planning on attending the London Olympics and were fortunate to follow through . The time in England and being a spectator at the Olympics can be summed up in one word...amazing. The best way to describe the trip is with pictures, otherwise this blog would be too wordy.

Favorite places to run:
Pilgrims favorite run in Maidstone (where Russ' family lives). Its an old country road that is wide enough for one car, so you must pay attention as pedestrians do not have right-of-way. It is a beautiful road that winds through the country side and leads to many other small towns.


Poppy Field's along Public Paths. The Public Paths are old pilgrim paths that are still open to the public even if it travels through the middle of someones property. Great way to see places off the beaten path and to test your ankle strength. We had a few fun moments running from cows and through herds of sheep. Always entertaining.
Cool places to we visited:

1. Stonehenge. Truly is a pile of rocks with an interesting story and lack of understanding.
2. Roman Baths (In bath) - From many, many, many years ago. I love the history.
3.Winston Churchill's Home. Another great historical place with many stories and interesting facts.
4. Dover Castle. I just love castles, what can I say. This one was last used in World War 2.
5. Abby's and Cathedrals are so beautiful with the intricate detail and amazing architecture.
The Olympics!!!
THE STADIUM! Do I need to say more?

Some steeple chase (go Colorado ladies), Some Blade Runner, Some Tyson Gay, Some Usain Bolt, Some Jessica Ennis, Lots of cool venues and "art", Lots of pride and happiness in the air.  
All time favorites:
 Double Decker Buses. One happy family.


 Big Ben and House of Parliament. Buckingham Palace, my future home.
 Cream Tea. Pubs and pub food, mmm.

A Michael Jackson Sighting.                                Tower Bridge looks fabulous.


Great friends.                                  Tanks apparently cross here.

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