Monday, February 11, 2013

First Blog

Since it's my first blog, I figure it is my responsibility to fill you in on some details about my life.  After college I moved to the Woodlands, Texas, having the opportunity to run with an olympic development group and one of the greatest high school coaches of all time, Danny Green. After being plagued by injury, I had to do something different. 

I decided to move back to Colorado, to be surrounded by optimal weather, altitude, and hundreds of thousands of miles of trails. So I packed up everything I owned (which wasn't much, considering I could fit it in my VW Golf) and traveled across the country. I didn't really know where or what I was doing, but I needed a change and a different outlook on life. I moved to Alamosa for the summer with my girlfriend. Although I hadn't really run for the last 4 months or so in the Woodlands, my life was surrounded by running and it was the reason I was there. It was getting to me... badly. I was depressed!  Moving to Alamosa gave me a physical and mental break from running.  I was living with no direction, no job, but I was happy, surrounded by friends, and getting healthier by the day. 

I met with coach Scott Simmons in July at the Olympic Training Center.  After speaking with him, I knew he was going to help me get back to running again.  His training philosophies were very similar to mine and I loved his optimism.  We were going to start fresh, almost as if I had never taken a step in my life.  Most importantly, he was flexible and was going to work with my injuries with a gradual progression.

So that's what we did. I packed up my bags and moved to Manitou Springs, Colorado. It is the home of Pikes Peak, the Cog Railroad, and Garden of the Gods. Overwhelmed by the beauty, I wake up every morning and remind myself that I'm not on vacation, this is where I live. I live a simple life, in a very simple cottage, nestled snugly on the side of a mountain.... and I love it! 

In august I started running 15-20 minutes every other day and with a gradual progression, my training is almost where it needs to be.  I train with the American Distance Project with runners I only wished I could be like when I first entered college.  My shape progressed faster than I thought it would. I am now doing workouts that I couldn't do even in the best shape of my life and running workouts with Robert Cheseret, Augustus Maiyo, Leonard Korir, and Kyle Heath really gives me confidence for the future.  My weeks are getting bigger and my intensity is increasing.  Here I come 2013!

Currently, I work at Boulder Running Company (who paired with Adidas is my sponsor).  Working at a running store gives me the flexibility to be able to train and travel when I need and my boss does a great job working with my schedule.  It is greatly appreciated. 

Oh yea.... I failed to mention that I also live with 4 of my closest friends. My girlfriend of course, along with Drew Soucy, Scott Kimbell, and Mario Macias.  They are living with Addison and I until they find a place. According to Scott, that will be early February, but he has been saying that for months now :) Anyway, I really don't mind. It keeps things interesting.  I always have a running buddy and there is always something to do.  So.... if you are planning to move to the area you can come stay at Hostel de Birdsong. Ha! 

There is not much more to say. I hope you enjoyed my first blog and I will see you guys soon.


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