Tuesday, March 19, 2013

February Fun, Snow, and IT Band Issues

So much to talk about! February was a busy month. I accepted a job at the best running store in the US (sorry Luke's...but really, it's been named the best in the US) Boulder Running Company! Everyone there is so nice and knowledgeable. Besides the usual running, yoga, and climbing activities, February brought some pretty great adventures: Mardi Gras party, sneaking into a paint party concert and getting my ITband massaged to the point I wanted to cry...ok, maybe that last one wasn't as fun, but still necessary.

Despite being born in Louisiana, I am sorry to say I have never properly celebrated Mardi Gras, so I was thrilled to find out Andy's friend was a part of a Mardi Gras show/party downtown. The only downside to the experience is that now I have another thing to add to my to-do list: become a professional aerial artist. There's just not enough time in the day!

Valentine's Day:
I missed making cards for all of my Rice teammates and sneaking secret admirer letters to randoms in the library...don't worry Becky, it will happen again! This year I just made one silly poem for Andy.

ITband treatment:
One of the most painful experiences ever. All runners out there, don't wait till you're IT band is hurt, roll out now! You don't want to deal with this silly injury, trust me. Oh, and Mark and Heather are the best! Even if they make me want to cry at times...

First seriously snowy run. Frozen eyelashes :/

BRC Adidas kits arrived!

I'm so excited to be on the BRC Adidas team. Can't wait to race in the bright yellow!

Signed up for the MCAT. Lots more of this to come:

Well, that's about it for February happenings. So far I've been able to somewhat train through this annoying IT band injury. I'm hoping it will resolve itself soon so I can start thinking about racing!
Nicole M.

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