Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Time for an update....

Hello folks,  sorry to have to put Shannon's famous Chicking blog underneath mine, as it is certainly more entertaining, but as usual it has been too long since my last post and there have definitely been changes.  First, of course being that we had our baby boy on March 1st, and he is now over 9 weeks old!  Crazy how fast time flies.  Other then that, I took a new job at a physical therapy clinic in Loveland which has been fun, and I have finally managed to start getting back in shape.

I am still being coached by Jon Sinclair, who has gradually been increasing the intensity of the workouts while trying to keep me healthy.  Always an arduous task with my nagging achilles, but so far so good.  This past weekend I was out in Indianapolis for the Mini-Marathon and ran a 1:06:48.  The course is fast but the wind played a major part in the slower times.  I was lucky enough to finish 6th by outkicking the guy in seventh by .15.  It felt like I was in one of those bike races where someone just keeps waiting for the sprint to start, and when it finally did, it was an all out dash for the line.  Races like that is what keeps me coming back for more!

It was great seeing all of you who made it out to the Boulder distance classic, it's always fun doing a team race where we can take it to the BTC.  And of course free beer after the race is always worth the pain.  Next up for me will be another race in boulder, the Boulder Boulder.  Hope to see lots of BRC runners out there so we can make another yellow train of awesomeness! Till then...

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