Wednesday, September 11, 2013


Many years ago Adidas consulted with Haile Gebrselassie, arguably the greatest distance runner ever, about a racing shoe. The result was the Adios, which would go on to hold numerous world records, world championships and major titles. The Adios graced the fast feet of some of the best runners in history, taking care of each stride and every step. It was the fastest shoe in the world. And it was only the beginning. 
Now, the whispers are getting louder. It’s time. Stories are floating around like lullabies about the arrival of what we believed to be a fictional shoe, a technology so advanced, it couldn’t possible exist in our lifetime. It’s time. Like the Second Coming of Christ, anticipation looms as the world prepares for the sun to get brighter, and the roads to get hotter.
The world’s fastest shoe, The Adios, just got a Boost.
Echoes down the dusty trails and roads are that the Adios Boost contains bubbles of joy and woe infused into the sole to insure that every step is fueled with Desire. Tears of Haile’s greatness, his sweat, and his Determination compacted into a shoe to be distributed to the world as the world’s fastest shoe. Don’t get left behind.
People thought the Adios was fast, and the Boost was faster. Like any good marriage, coupled together, The Adios + Boost = Greatness. Mixing two good things elevates them beyond measurements, beyond limits, and into the realm of Greatness. In a world where nothing compares, nothing can keep up, The Adios Boost has surpassed comprehension, as magic has been transformed into a shoe.  
And don’t be fooled. Don’t think this is coincidence. There’s a reason behind it all. There’s a reason they call it the “Adios”, and that it’s followed by “Boost”. There’s a reason the Road Runner beeps before he takes off down the road, the same way there’s a reason you say “GOODBYE!” before BOOST, you take off.
Now, everyone can get the chance to run in Greatness, and feel what it’s like to really have a Boost in your step. We all want to feel the joy of a Gold medal around our neck, the glimmer in the stadium lights after a hard fought Victory. We all want to feel the satisfaction of achieving our goals, and making our dreams become reality. We all want to sprint down the final straight in a 7.7oz Adios Boost across the finish line, light as a feather and strong as a bull. Michael Johnson had his Gold spikes in 96’, now the world has the Adios Boost. Now we all get to taste Gold, it’s not chocolate, and we all get to see the olive wreath up close. Just like Haile, we can run with wings at our feet and Desire in our heart. 
Because now with the Adios Boost, we get to run in Greatness. 

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