Thursday, February 18, 2010

What a weekend.

Well I figured that I would give the folks a few days to put up their own results from the weekend performances but as the days past I realized that either they are too shy to put down what they ran this weekend or they forgot their passwords. So here are some of the results that were thrown down by the BRC/adidas team this weekend.

Husky Invite:

Aucencio "my legs felt terrible" Martinez: ran a PR in the 3000m of 7:59 getting the auto for US Indoor championships in a few weeks in Albq, NM. Now I'm sure he will blog a bit more about his race.

Alisha "I like to run at the back" Williams: Ran a PR in the 3000m of 9:18 also getting an auto for the US Indoor championships where I'm sure she will not go to the back of the pack straight off and remember all the valuble lessons coach Vandenbusche taught her.

Grand Valley:

Scott Dahlberg: Ran a PR in the 3000m of 8:03 just missing the auto time by .45 sec. We are waiting to see what is ran this weekend with the hopes that his time will get him in.

Paul Michel: With the pressure of "the big bet" firmly on his shoulders Paul showed his true game face and ran a PR in the 3000m of 8:04 also just missing the auto time to run in NM.

Greg Reindl: The captain of "team Golden" had a huge breakout and ran yet another PR in the 3000m of 8:10.

Art Siemers: I know he didnt win the bet with Paul (age handicap) but seriously this cat can run some darn fast times on a track for being 37! An 8:23 at any age is a great time, just ask the college guys he smoked.

US XC Championship:

Shannon Payne: In a very stacked field "Payne Train" ran to an impressive 19th place. In a few years a top 10 will happen for this girl.

Nicole Feest: The "little Sparkplug" was right on Shannons tail in 20th place showing the depth that our ladies team has and the great results that she will post this spring.

Tommy Neal: Taking his current training into consideration (marathon prep) T-Bone ran to a solid 40th but knows that with a little fresher legs a top 20 was possible.

Jason Delaney: Also getting ready to tear up a spring marathon a 44th place is a good sign that "Heartbreak Hill" will be a minor bump in Jasons Boston Marathon.

Nice job to everyone.

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