Wednesday, June 16, 2010

I got last in a race.

After almost 6 weeks off I am back in action. Thats the longest break I have taken since I started running and it was hard. A couple of weeks is no problem for me but 6 is a bit much. Since I'm a race junkie and had some previous commitments on my schedule I jumped back in pretty quick and ran 3 "races" in the span of a week around Memorial day. I ran a 10 miler on Saturday, a mile on Monday, and a 5k the following Saturday. Running hard felt incredibly awkward especially in the road mile. I figured I would blink and it would be over but it felt like I was running through sand in slow motion. I'm pretty pumped about the time, 4:46 (with a decent downhill), but getting last wasn't the most fun I've ever had.

Now I'm just trying to get back into the swing of training again and get my race schedule lined up for fall. I'm really trying to find people to train with. I used to do everything on my own but realized in the last year or so how much it helps to have someone else there. Its hard to coordinate since everyone has different coaches and schedules, I like to run early, and sometimes I'm in Boulder. I met up with Amanda a couple times this week and today we warmed up and cooled down together since we had different workouts. It was nice to at least have someone there.

Other than that life has been busy as usual. No major tenant disasters lately but I'm trying to rent a condo in Boulder. And my best friend is getting married this weekend and its going to be an awesome wedding!

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