Sunday, July 25, 2010

Big Week

Marathon training has begun! My body is still adjusting to the big miles and I've been really tired. But I was able to put together a decent "race" at the classic 10k yesterday. I was a little nervous going in because I had been feeling pretty bad all week and I've never done a race off such high mileage before.
I didn't feel great but it wasn't bad and I placed 2nd in 33:58. I really only expected to run just under 35 so I'm pretty pleased.
Today I did a LOOONG run on the treadmill. Yes, I know I'm crazy but I love it. I enjoyed a variety of reading material including the saturday Denver Post (the sunday paper hadn't come out yet), USA today, Vogue, Time, Health, Money, and Women's Fitness magazines.
I don't always do long runs on the Tmill and I really enjoy outside running as well. two weeks ago I ran magnolia road and last week I did my first run at rampart reservoir. I loved it! 9,000 feet, beautiful views, and not too hilly. My all time favorite run is still flagstaff trail in Boulder but rampart might be 2nd.

11 weeks till Chicago!!!!!!!! until then, back to the grind.

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