Tuesday, August 3, 2010

On the road again...

I love running because it truly is a lifelong sport. There is rarely a time when I have thought, "Well I've hit my PR, I think I'm done now." Even when we reach that long-awaited goal, we make another and another, always striving for the next step. That's one reason why I love this team, it allows you the freedom to continually improve your running without a ton of pressure to perform 365 days a year, as well as having the patience and understanding that runners get hurt.

I had a very rough 2009 season, with injury after injury. I got so discouraged. After getting a cortisone shot in a bursa in my knee in February, I have been pain-free and slowly building up mileage and intensity. I finally feel like after 5 months of good base and slow progression, I have made some good progress. It hasn't been the easiest journey, my first 5k back I ran 19:45. One week later at Sailin' Shoes I ran 19:07. This past weekend I ran the Evergreen Town Race in 18:16. I am so pleased with the progress and after being laid up for so long, and I realized that I had to enjoy the journey. Fitness never comes quickly, but getting there doesn't have to be a job. I have a new coach who is incorporating some much needed drills and circuit training into my running. I feel stronger and more balanced already and I am trying to do my part by being consistent with both running and drills. I plan on running the Park to Park 10 miler in September and ultimately hope to be in great shape for Club Cross.

I have to do some 'shout-outs' because this has been a really tough journey for me and I owe them one. I want to give a big thanks to Cody for keeping me on the team even when it looked like I would never be healthy again, Mark Plaatjes for always knowing what is wrong and for all the help with my form, and to Jay for being patient with me, loving me through the bad times and for being my most dependable running partner ever (even when it is a 5:00 AM). See you all on the road!

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