Sunday, February 27, 2011

Three Sisters

One of my favorite parks in all of Colorado is Three Sisters in Evergreen. There is something special about this mountainous park that makes each run exciting and peaceful. The trails are dirt and roam through meadow, forest, and up, or down, a couple mountains. Three Sister's seems to take away all stresses I build up from weekly training and it redirects my brain back to a more positive path. I never get tired of the scenery or the view of Mount Evans. Today was no exception.

I had the joy of running part of the run with my mom and dog. There were tons of laughs due to icy conditions that were more easily crossed by sliding on our butts. I ran roughly 17 miles, although I only needed 15, because I felt at peace and wanted to take in the scenery and clear my mind. For me, there is truly something magical about this park.

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