Wednesday, March 23, 2011

I Love My New Stuff

It's new kit time for us BRC folks. My raggedy shoes were begging to be replaced and my legs are thankful every step for some fresh cushion. And with my reluctance to transition out of break mode, I needed the reality of a new uniform staring at me, begging to be worn! So, that's the first sign that it's time to get goin'. Next, our team had some awesome results at Gate River. especially at my current fitness level, I am insanely jealous! Great job everyone! So, sign number two. And last, spring is here!!! The days of slipping through our runs are over for a while. We may have wind, but at least the footing is good again. I've gotten to wear shorts and t-shirts. It's so liberating after several months of wrapping up like a mummy in what we affectionately refer to as our panda suits every morning before stepping out.
Soooo, what's stopping me? Well, nothing but this darn cold! I was on a roll last week. Having fun pushing the mileage and upping the pace. Feeling like I'm getting my fitness back. . . Then one of our old teammates Megan got married which was so fun and so happy for her. But, unfortunately I came home sick. Since then I've been hitting the vitamins and getting lots of sleep. I'm crossing my fingers that all is not lost. I guess I'll know soon. Im really looking forward to summer and just getting consistent and super fit! I just can't wait to do all of those long meandering runs on the trails. So, as I'm sniffling and typing, I realize it's time for another dose of vitamins and off to bed. The trails and sunshine await.
See you out there!

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