Sunday, May 8, 2011

A different perspective

Normally I only get the urge to blog after a race no matter if it's good or bad, it just gives me a release. This blog however came to me while I did my workout on Wednesday. As many of you that are parents know sometimes squeezing ten minutes out of your schedule is tricky let alone 2+ hours for a workout. I do have an amazing support system who helps with the kids so I'm usually able to get my workout in when needed. Last week however proved to be a serious challenge. Kevin was incredibly busy at work and with the school year winding down there were lots of school functions to attend. Luckily for me Wednesday was a nice day so I opted to take the kids to Josephine Jones park to do my workout, 400x4, 2 miles, 400x4, seemed easy enough. The boys were excited, the park has a large dirt loop that we have marked out from 400-2 mile courses. The best part for me is the trail loops around a nice big playground so the boys are pretty happy. I got in a nice two mile warm up and was ready to get my workout rolling. The boys were told that when I passed them at the park (the 200 meter mark of the 400) they were aloud to follow me to the finish and than we would all jog back to the start. This got them excited they got to participate. The first 400 went off well and believe it or not the boys did what they were suppose to no problem! I jogged back to the park, dropped the boys there and finished my jog to the start. It's funny 3 minutes usually seems like a long time between 4's but when you have kids there everything seems rushed. Number two got off I was running down the trail came through a couple trees and to my surprise Tripp was on the other side I yelled to him "watch out buddy run behind mom!" bless his little heart he tried to make a u-turn and ran right in front of me. I tried to put on the brakes and change directions but no luck. I knocked him over, he slid for ten feet on the gravel as I did a very clumsy looking flip over him and onto my own hands and knees. Needless to say I stopped that interval, picked up my little man, gave him some kisses, explained to him it would be much better if he ran behind mommy and started my workout all over. It was just one of those days as a runner and mom that you remember what really is important to you......your kiddos. Running is a huge part of my life, but if Tripp had wanted to leave after that spill I would have packed up and taken him for ice cream. It's a good thing I have my kids to ground me. I tend to get very hard on myself and my performances but when I come home to them and all they care about is that I ran. They dont need to know my splits or my time. They are just proud! They make me a better person and runner!

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