Sunday, May 8, 2011

Oh, the 10k

The Good:
1. All three of the BRC Adidas ladies in the race qualified for USAs, woo hoo!
2. I didn't look at the lap counter starting with 24 laps to go.
3. I was able to stay awake until the race that started at 11:00 pm. A serious feat considering I couldn't even stay up past nine the night before (and I did try).
4. Perfect weather and lots of people to run with including Cassie and Nicole.

The Bad:
1. Racing at midnight Colorado time has seriously jacked up my sleep schedule.
2. I had a bit of 10k stomach after the race, so I couldn't fully enjoy my In-N-Out burger (animal style) at approximately 1:45 am. But, I did enjoy the company.

The Ugly:
1. Mile five.
2. The next morning.

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