Tuesday, January 24, 2012

The Joys of Breaking Bones

As many know, I broke my foot at Club Cross. I'd love to have an exciting story like 'I was practicing my half pipe skills and crashed', but no, I just ran in a race and broke it. I was doing so well and running up front thinking I'd place in the top 10, then I twisted my ankle (like I do in every run and race with no problems) and there was lots of pain. I was brillant and thought it was fine so I finished the last 2 miles with much confusion as I was getting continually passed and just couldn't hang on. As soon as I finished I couldn't walk and then realized I actually did hurt myself. But another dumb runner move...I walked (limped) it off, enjoyed the Club XC party and hoped it would be fine by Monday. The brusing, swelling, and look on Ashley's face (PA) was an indication that it was more than a sore, twisted foot.

Monday the 12th, it was confirmed. Broken foot. Snapped the 3rd metatarcle in half, dumb. I was devastated that I was in the middle of training for the Olympic Trials for the marathon and was finally enjoying the mileage and now I will not be able to compete. At least this was the OT for the marathon and not the track, otherwise I would still be crying.

It's been 6 weeks with the boot and luckily I was able to remove it yesterday. Sadly, I was naive and thought I'd be able to run this week, but the doctor said absolutely no running for at least 2 more weeks. I guess this is a good thing because he tells most patients no running for another 6 weeks...I'm not sure that means I'm healing extra fast, or that he knows I'll go crazy in the next week and come back to find him. Either way, I guess I'm back to cross training for the time being.

Oh the fun of the biking and swimming...and the crazy things I see in the gym. I feel so funny going to the gym with my boot and jumping on the bike. I get the funniest looks, strangest questions, and silly competitive people who do not want to get beat by the lady in the boot.

At first it seemed like a lifetime to ride for more than 30 minutes, but now I'm able to easily do 90-120 minutes. I sometimes just ride steady and other days it's intervals. I can't do too much resistance, but I'll just get the RPM's as high as I can.

In the pool I've been mostly swimming (with just my arms), not much aqua jogging as it seemed to hurt my foot more. I'm not a swimmer, but I'm setting my own personal records of laps per hour or laps without choking on water. The life guards watched me carefully as I unstrap my boot and jump right in. I'm pretty sure everyone at my local gyms thinks I'm crazy, but I'd be more crazy if I don't exercise at all.

On top of the 60-120 minutes of cardio per day, I've been lifting (upper body) and doing core exercises. Another reason I can't wait to run again...this all seems to add up to more time training than I have ever done in one day. Yet, I still don't get the same satisfaction I do from running.

Anyway, the coutdown begins...13 days to go.

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