Sunday, February 5, 2012

Getting Back At It

It's been a couple weeks since the Marathon Trials and I'm getting back into training again with some easy running and light workouts. I was really happy with my race in Houston. It was great to set a new PR and to finish as strong as I did. Although...I did come away thinking that I finished so strong that I may have sold myself a little short. I felt great, I got my fuel right, and I never hit the wall! The experience was amazing and I'm so thankful that I got the chance to compete.

Looking forward, I'm heading to the U.S. 15K Championships in Jacksonville, FL in March. I'm considering a 10K on the track at Mt. Sac, but that's a big question mark. The 10K is one of those races that I can't seem to put together for the life of me! I'm also going to head home to Michigan in May for the U.S. 25K Championships.

I spent most of the last year doing marathon training. I'm so excited to change gears and try some of the shorter distances. We'll see how it goes! Until then, I'm trying to get used to the burning feeling that comes with doing workouts at altitude again!

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