Sunday, December 20, 2009

I'm 29!

and I still get excited about my bday! To celebrate this year I decided to run an indoor mile. It may seem like a weird choice since I've been focusing on the marathon. I also almost NEVER run or race on a track anymore. Just not really my thing. But there weren't any road races in Chicago this weekend and I really wanted to do something running-ish for my bday (yes im a huge geek but really I couldnt handle another night out after club cross anyways). So I found a track meet at University of Chicago and decided to give it a go. My coach just told me not to destroy myself and not to get hurt since im not used to doing short stuff. He talked me out of the 800 and I didnt have the guts to ask if I could triple jump (I seriously love tj and used to do it in high school....indoor conference champ one year!)
I registered at 5:05 which I felt was realistic for where I'm at and my big training week. That ranked me 3rd in a field of 10 girls with the fastest girl listed at 4:49. I wasn't sure I would remember how to run the mile and when I was warming up running on turns felt really awkward. But once I got racing it came around. I went out in 4th and felt pretty comfortable. I took the lead just before halfway and came through in 231. I felt really good and it went by really fast. I ended up at 456 and when I finished I couldn't help but smile. It was so much fun to do something different and I felt way better and ran faster than I expected. My parents and this cute english guy I know all came to watch and it was a great day.

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