Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Track Work...

Since I last posted, I have put in a couple of easy runs. Today, I was able to jump on the indoor track. I was going to run with Nick today, but he had a car accident on La Veta pass. He's car got totalled from the back end. Fortunately, he and his mother are doing fine. Although he does feel really sore from his back and neck from the impact. So I went ahead and did the workout solo.
I warmed up for 14 min. then I did 4x5 200's with 55 sec. in between each and 3 min. in between sets. After cooled down for 14 min. Usually I run them on lane 3, but today I had to run in lane 1 due to some high jump pits and other stuff on lane 3. Felt good to be on the track, although I almost got some blisters... ouch! Until next time.... Peace OUT!

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