Monday, December 28, 2009

Back in the Trenches!

I like the call my big time training phases the "Trenches" because like in the real trenches nothing but hard, nasty, and tiring work is done in the trenches. I took a tw0 days off after Club Cross to re-amp my self for a big marathon build up phase this spring.

Last 2 weeks I've put in like 38 and 78 i believe, but i'm truly not really counting them up. this week i'm jumping back in where i left off before Clubs and going to hit 110 or 120 miles this week. I don't think i'm going to stay go up to 130 until after I race at USATF Cross Championships. I don't have a ton of time to try and adapt to 130 mile weeks and hard workouts. kind of funny because it's only 10 less miles but i know that 120 i can still get quality workouts in(for whatever reason)...

Also, i'm no Art Siemers, but I almost got in a fight with a homeless man tonight running. Apparently, I should not be running on the trail at night while homeless people walk and yell at each other... It was scary for him... if he only had a gun...

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