Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Chicken Chimi....

Earlier today I was in my hometown and I had a late lunch...noon. The thing was, that the lunch was a pretty big meal. It was a HUGE chicken burrito smothered in green chilly with beans and rice. I had a workout on the track. I ended up running 4x4 480's, with 65 sec. rest for each one then 3 min. in between sets. I ran around 3 p.m which i sn't enought time to digest the huge meal!
The first few sets were a battle to keep the meal in my stomach! After the second set I felt great! I ended up averaging 77 for the 16 480's. (64 through the quarters). Felt really relaxed and smooth. Now lets see what the new year has to offer! Happy early new years to ALL!!! I'll probably be in Denver tom. night so if anybody wants to celebrate with myself and friends, contact me!

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