Saturday, January 2, 2010

Goings On

So far I feel like 2010 is pretty swell. Granted we are only two days into it sooooo best not be countin' the chickens before they hatch right? After a very short stint of slightly sub-par training from a dinged-up soleus (which Larry effectively obliterated with his mad massage skills--thanks Larry) which wasn't helped by a hill workout in the snow, and having lungs and a nose and a head full of surplus snot (mmmmm) the last few days everything is back on track and going as it should.

I've had a handful of good workouts in the last couple of weeks. One of them about a week and a half ago was sort of a combination of a tempo run with some fartlek type stuff thrown in at the end to kind of wake up the leg-turnover (which I have to nurture very carefully or it kind of goes dormant again really fast). The workout was created and aided by UCCS' coach Mark Misch who showed up to yell at me at various random points throughout the workout and it went very well. After a few days of just mileage plus a long-run on the weekend, I did a hill workout in Franktown when I was home for a few days earlier this week. Franktown is a hilly place so I had no trouble picking out a good one on a dirt road that was pretty steep and about 200 meters up. It was really snowy (and not the nice packed-down stuff), as was everywhere else, so needless to say the effort was definitely there, but it wasn't too speedy, but since speed wasn't really the point it was okay by me. A couple recovery-runs later then I did something that UCCS-er's call "sixty-nineties" a couple evenings back. Basically you run hard for a minute then easy for a minute and a half and repeat again, and again, and again, and again, etc., see the pattern? It's geared toward leg-turnover as well. Then today's long run was pretty splendid. The weather was a perfect temperature this morning with zilch wind so it was one of those runs where you feel like you could clip along forever. Plus it seemed like everyone out running was in a good mood...I try to say hi to everyone I pass, and usually I get blown off (in the winter this is possibly because it is 7 a.m. and zero degrees) but today EVERYONE said hi. I got like a 100% response-rate. It was neat.

Happy New-Year.

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