Tuesday, February 23, 2010

US XC Champs/last week of training

So the day before US Cross, I travel with Nicole Feest on the same flight to Spokane. Oh and the reason she does not post on the blog is, because she still not able to figure out how to post... hahaha We took the public bus which was an "amazing race" type of experience. I think she lost her phone, bus pass, and bus map like 10 times! hehehe needless to say it was a good time.

As Greg said in an earlier post my 2 favorite things in life are betting on sports and picking up chicks. That being said, I don't have a problem and I'm not in denial. I don't want to stop betting! It feels soo soo good when i win. The background is that, at work we've been playing espn.com "the streak" and I got to a streak of picking games to 14. The night before I raced was my loss that broke the streak(and may have killed my race)!!! I called Art about a boxing match that night... who was no help and that's why I lost my streak!

The race... I put my self in good position to have a shot at being top 10. I was the back end of 20 person lead pack, however it really wasn't my day. Right about the end of the first lap which was a 2k loop of a 12k. I thought to my self, "So I have 5 more of these... I'm screwed!" I held on until about 3k, until I knew I was really out of it. I slowly faded back to 40 something place and ran 38:41 which is like 5.10 mile pace. If i could blame anyone i would blame Art for letting me down with the boxing pick and losing my streak the night before the race...

But 4real(for real) I was a couple weeks behind from training going into race when I got sick a couple of weeks ago. I just need a couple of good workouts under my belt to really be ready and I didn't have it. What I was able to salvage out of the race was; I at least put my self in place to run well at the beginning, I at least got a good tempo on grass and at sea level, and afterwards I caught a ride with some friends to Eugene, OR to train at sea level for a couple of days.

The Eugene trip after the race was awesome! I wish I had pictures, but I don't have a camrea :( but let me paint you a picture with words!!! (i suck at writing, so that's not going to happen) My coach (Andy Downin) lives in Eugene, so that's why I planned to travel there after the race. I got a great long run 20+ on sunday with the "brothers" at about 5.45 pace. we then pumped a 10/10 double on monday. Workout on Tuesday with the Brothers. we did 2x800 2.30, 2.27; 6x1 min on, 1min off; 2x800 2.20, 2.18; 6x1on, 1off. I felt pretty good. It was great to be at sea level and do a workout there again. Drove through a beautiful scenic drive to the Pacific coast and ate clam chowder and whale in Florance(ok no whale, but did have some "little whales!" aka goldfish crackers) But, I did a bike ride around Eugene, Hayward field, the cemetery, and then back to Colorado Springs!

Sorry my post was so long :( I needed to post over a week ago and hadn't gotten around to it.

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