Monday, February 21, 2011

5 minutes with Tommy Neal

This past Friday evening I was able to share a light warm-up jog with the 2011 Colorado School of Mines Last Chance Meet 3ooo Meter Champion Tommy Neal of The Boulder Running Company. I probed him about many things, ranging from his current training and life in Colorado Springs to the inspiration behind his new moustache (pictured). Here is a brief excerpt from that interview...

P: Hey, Tommy. Great to see you again. Huge fan of your work. HUGE fan.
T: You know...just takin' it one step at a time. (He sniffles and itches his moustache)
P: I noticed you are sporting a new moustache.
T: Is that a question?
P: Umm...Well, what was your inspiration? Was it difficult to grow?
T: I guess I've always just sort of been fanatical about the Wild West. I grew up on that stuff. I saw the Wyatt Earp moustache as a chance to...well...reflect that. Not only that, but having the wherewithal to anticipate that this race tonight (3k at School of Mines) was in Historic Downtown Golden...I knew I had to capitalize.
P: Interesting. What's on the horizon for you?
T: Hmm...(Reflective pause)...I don't know...hopefully a wife, a couple of kids, white picket fence...maybe a Dodge Caravan. You know, the American Dream. I guess that's all I ever wanted.
P: No, I mean races in the near future.
T: Oh. I'm doing Gate River next month.
P: Is Banana hands going to be there?
T: You mean Haefer? I don't think so. Anyhow, I'm not sure it's really an ivy-league sort of get together.
P: What is that supposed to mean?
T: Not sure. Just livin' life, my man. I say whatever I want and let my running shoes back it up. Listen...this has been great, but I have a race to get to. It's not going to dominate itself, if you know what I mean. Listen, take care...(pause)...what did you say your name was, again?
P: Paul.
T: Paul. That's right. OK...well take care, Pete. Tommy Out.

(On a sidenote, my training is going well and I will open up the outdoor track season at Arizona State on March 19th.)

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  1. (This is Tommy's roommate on his computer): We need more interviews like this, really livens up the site! Banana hands really enjoyed it too. He knows interviews like this are Princeton material! Go Tigers!