Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Race Last Week

I had a good race last week at Colorado School of the Mines 3k. It was exactly what I wanted out the race! I wanted to go out hard and simulate what Gate River was going to feel like and then settle in the a solid pace after the mile. The first mile was 4.36 and then I closed out the race with a 8.47 i believe.

One interesting note: I warmed up with Paul Michaels before the race and he was acting very weired. He was kind of infatuated with my mustache and was asking me a lot of questions... and not normal questions... It was like who's your favorite wester gunfighter? where did Banana Hands go to college? Can anyone grow a mustache??? And then at the end he asked me to call him Pete? (Is Pete his middle name?) Anyways that was kind of weired so Scott if you reading this please keep a close eye on Paul(or Pete) he might be need a friend right now.

Well training is going well and coming back around like 2 years ago. I'm very trim right now and feeling light as a feather for most of my workouts. I'm still a little slower then where I was 2 years ago, but i'm getting close to the same workouts. You know what I always say I've got some training to get to and it's not going to dominate it's self!


Before the race i shaved the beard and only had the mustache and a very solid mustache I must add!

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