Friday, April 8, 2011

CU 3k this weekend

So I have had a good week of training last week with a couple of good workouts. The wind is kind of getting to me! After every workout i have to say well that was a really good workout considering the wind...

I did a 9 mile threshold last week and avg. 5.30s into the wind for 8 of the 9 miles, my 9th mile was 5.28 and it was a pretty easy mile for my last mile of 9.

Then friday need some repeats at race pace so when i went to the track it was 15 mph winds again. so I put together a 3x 1k, 3-400, 2-200m. I felt very strong, very easy workout, and i was hitting 69 to 67 pace on all the reps. which is very encouraging being at 6000 ft and wind... again!

This weekend i'm racing the 3k at cu and i'm all signed up to race the 10k at Penn Relays!!!

Thanks for keeping it real with me and keep it really with our boy Banana Hands too!

Tommy OUT!

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