Tuesday, April 5, 2011

My last few weeks recap

Two weeks ago:
- I went to Tempe with Scott and Jesse.
- I ran an opener 3:50 1500 and the hardest and ugliest 800 I've ever run (1:55).
- We ate at Yogurtland in Tempe. It was so great. I got like 7 different kinds of yogurt.
- We ate pizza at a gas station and I farted a lot on the ride home because of it.
- We averaged 20.2 miles to the gallon on the trip
- We ate authentic El Salvadorian fare. (Pupusas. They were delicious.)
- Jesse and Scott slept in bunk beds.
- I smashed a Cadbury Egg with my bare hand.
- I listened to E-40 before my race.
- Other stuff I'm forgetting.

Last week:
- I went to Austin, Texas
- I went to the Whole Foods world headquarters and ate tacos.
- I ate pizza on 6th street and it was so much fun.
- I heard a lot of country music and it was not much fun.
- I ran at 5:30 one morning and saw probably around 100 runners out. It was wild!
- I missed my flight and had to stay in the Austin airport all day, causing me to eat horribly.
- Other stuff too.

I will be out at the Boston Marathon next weekend. If any of you are going to be out there, let me know and we can try and meet up and share a high-five.

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