Monday, July 4, 2011

It's Been One Crazy Year

Well it's been quite a year, a very very long year. A lot has changed in my life over the last year personally but things seem to be settling down finally. I'm still in gunny, still coaching at Western State, and still running but those are probably the only constants in my life.

As far as my running is concerned I'm not totally over the foot injury that put me out oct-feb but I'm darn near there. I've been running since the last week of February but it's been very low mileage, around 60 per week because my foot seemed to act up whenever I went higher. However, just recently it has started to feel a lot better and I hit 92 miles last week. Still a far cry from the mileage I would prefer to be doing but it's progress. Right now I'm pretty sure I'm dealing with tendinitis in the tendon where the bone is that I had a fracture in. It seems to hurt only post-run and is always ready to go by the next morning.

As far as racing goes, I ran a couple races during the outdoor season, all pathetically slow, but that was expected after missing so much time. Now that I am able to run decent mileage I hope to get fit quickly and may do a race or two on the front range between now and the end of the summer. My main focus is just to get the foot to 100% and be able to sustain some solid mileage through the summer and fall with the big races coming next spring.

In non-running news, I'm don't think any of you know but for work outside of coaching I run a handful of websites and I am in the process of launching a new site. It's not finished yet and my Gunnison web designer (Josh Eberly - a sub 2:20 marathoner) at Run Sleep Design is still making changes to it. The site is called You Review It and I'm really excited about its potential.

On a side note, props to our girls who ran the 10k at USA's, Alisha Williams, Nicole Feest, and Cassie Slade. And Big props to Cassie who placed 8th and got the marathon Olympic trial qualifier. Oh and not to be forgotten, Tommy Neal (originally from my home state of Missouri) ran a marathon Olympic trial qualifier also.

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