Sunday, January 3, 2010

New Year...New Blog

Hey Everyone... I am going to start with a little intro and summary of last year's training since this is my first post. I ran at Washington University in St. Louis during my undergraduate years and has one season of XC and outdoor track left when I went to graduate school at Colorado School of Mines. I had a pretty successful running career at both schools and was able to get a great education at the same time. Now I am working in Golden and on the BRC/Adidas team. I train mostly with Art and Jason in Golden as well as the Mines team.

I just added up my milage from last year and I ended up with 4116 for an average of around 80 miles a week. That is a great year for me and my first year in the past 3 without a major injury. I think that is the main reason I ran several PR's and was able to race consistently throughout the year. I have some goals on the track and road for the coming year that I should be able to hit as long as I can stay healthy. I am going to be racing a 3k indoors and then hopefully some 1500's and 5k's outdoors. I will likely run another half marathon or marathon this fall.

I am hoping to update once a week or so with a weekly summary and racing plans. I look forward to hearing comments from friends/teammates/strangers.

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