Monday, February 1, 2010

I'm Nervous.

So it's 12 days out from this one race (USA X.C.) that I feel like I've waited for basically my whole entire 24 years of life, and I'm so nervous I feel like barfing. Well no, that sounds negative. I mean I'm way excited but really nervous--it's kind of like being really excited for Christmas but terrified of Santa at the same time...or something. That's about the best way I can describe it.

I feel like last week went well, but not great. On a scale of 1-10 (10 being magnificent, 1 being I guess I should just give up running for putt-putt) it gets a 7.5. That's a C. I did some hills last Monday where I could not decide if I did a good job and ran them really hard, or if I did a terrible job and they just hurt real bad. I hate it when when I can't figure those things out. Kevin Bacon estimated that they were about 350-ish meters long (and he's English, he knows these things), they took me about 75-78 seconds each, and I did 10. I really want to buy a measuring wheel so that I can figure these things out for myself. That, and I'm just that cool. If anyone has one they want to sell me let me know. As an aside, on #8 I almost got hit by a kid on a skateboard. Okay seriously, the road is about 25 feet wide and there were NO cars--or anything else except for me running up it for that matter--and he almost takes me out. Awesome. Then the following Thursday I did 12x60/90, for some reason those didn't feel too fantastic either, sorta couldn't get the legs turning over that fast and felt all weird and uncoordinated-like. You know, like that feeling where you feel like your head is detached from the rest of you and the legs are just sort of doing their own thing. I'm sure everyone knows what I'm talking about. But it was nonetheless enjoyable and was a really surprisingly nice morning even though it was flurrying a bit, it was really quiet outside with no wind or anything. Plus I can't complain as long as I get to be out there running. Then I had a Sort Of Long Run (my Long Runs are an hour forty, and those are every other Saturday, then the Sort Of Long Runs are an hour twenty five, and those are on the alternating Saturdays) that went really well on Saturday, I got to run with the UCCS distance guys, and they help keep me honest.

So this morning I did 75 minutes with some drills and strides and such, and I have a not-too-crazy ladder workout on Wednesday before taking it easy leading up to a week from this Saturday.

But yeah I'm nervous.

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