Sunday, January 31, 2010


I do most of my running on my own. I run at weird times, do a lot of treadmill work, and my easy day pace varies quite a bit. So its kind of hard to coordinate with others. But in the past year I have realized how much benefit I get from training with other people. Before the World Championships Kevin Bacon did a couple of the longer hard workouts with me. It was a lot easier to get through with someone helping me along. I could do a lot better workouts with less effort while also having more fun.
Yesterday I did a workout with Cassie and we had a blast. I had to change what was on my schedule a little bit but it was worth it. We didn't run entirely together but we were both out there encouraging each other. It worked well because she is really strong from the start of the interval while I like to push the second half. I couldn't believe how fast it went by.
I'm super happy that my plantar was able to handle the entire workout. It started hurting on the cool down and didn't feel awesome today but I'm getting there.
In other medical news the eye twitch is back. I have an appointment with an eye dr. next week. Its been on and off (mostly ON) for 3 weeks and I've had enough.

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