Tuesday, March 16, 2010

4 weeks left...

Thank goodness there's only 4 weeks left before I can start running! Sadly, I've now taken more time off than ever before and that's including while pregnant and after I had Allie. Hopefully, I can say now: lesson learned.

Last week I was able to start walking on the treadmill, which has been surprisingly hard. To be fair, though, I'm walking at 12% incline...still. It's slightly pathetic that I can get my heart rate up to 120 walking. All I can hope for is that the walking and soon-to-be-commenced NordicTrack skiing will help me shed some of the fat suit by the time April 17th comes around! 4 weeks to go...so excited! After watching my husband and teammates run at Mt. SAC that week, though, I know I'll have to remind myself to take it slow. Here's hoping that I actually listen to myself! Hope everyone's enjoying running in the awesome weather this week!

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