Tuesday, March 16, 2010


Well, the Gate River Run was...interesting. None of us did as well as we necessarily wanted to, but I still think it will be a positive thing for my track season and I think everyone there would agree we had one hell of a time.

Some highlights...in no particular order:
  • Shannon telling me that she was going to bodyslam me.
  • Talent?
  • Any of the various Dan Browne jokes
  • Before the race, taking the ferry across the river to the starting line, I asked Tommy if the Florida Panthers were based out of Jacksonville and he turns to me, his face a weird shade of yellowish green looking like he was going to cry/puke and mumbled, "I don't watch hockey."
  • Watching "The Life and Times of Tim" with Tommy
  • Snuggling with Tommy
  • Eating Japanese food with Greg
  • Having Greg and Jason harass me about eating 3 plates of pasta
  • Leanne. What a sweetheart.
  • Tommy mooning Richard Fannin's children
  • Teaming up with Tommy to beat Greg and Jason at foosball and a weird version of shuffleboard
  • Finishing the race and being put out of my misery

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