Friday, March 5, 2010

I've always been an 8/15 guy....

So it has been awhile since I last blogged. My apologies. Here is a quick recap of my indoor season:

1. Ran a 3k at Mines in which I was going to go after the fieldhouse record. Got on pace, and after about 2k, died a horrible death. Was running like 5 minute pace the last few laps. Ran 8:45 and got second. Still, a good experience to learn from.

2. Next, we went to New Mexico, and I paced the DMR the first night with Art, Greg and Dahlberg. Split a 3:01 and it felt pretty good. Still, not having worked on speed much, it was a little too fast to feel compfortable. Ran the mile the next day and Braun, McNiff and Bogatay put the hurt on me the last 300 meters. Still, ran a 4:09.23, which I was decently pleased with.

3. Ran the 3k at Grand Valley. Started out too aggressively (2:06 through 800) and ended up paying for it. Struggled from about 1500 to 2600 to stay on pace. Ultimately ran 8:04.85, which isn't great. But I've been putting in the most miles I ever had and we don't have a track up here, so I have to be realistic.

I guess that's about it. Some decent races and a great block of training to build off of going into the outdoor season.

Now it is off to Jacksonville with a solid BRC crew. I am so excited! The joke I have been making is that I have always been an 8/15 guy. However, that used to mean 800/1500. Now I guess it means 800/15,000. It's funnier in person. Or maybe not. Anyhow, I hope everyone is training really well and here is to many great races this Spring!


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