Friday, March 5, 2010

Here we go!

Last couple of weeks training is complete back to normal. Which is a great thing! Last week I ran 120 miles with 2 solid workouts. 3 x 6min, 1 mile with 2 min rest- miles were 5.01, 4.53, 4.51. my 6 min on i started on the track and did a road loop and finished on the track. my 6 min. were right on pace and my last mile was a little slower then I would have like to finished up. My fitness is really starting to come around which is good for Gate River 15k next week. My other workout last week was a 10 mile progression starting at 6 min pace and dropping to 5.10 pace. It was a little icy out, but i was able to drop it down pretty good. So I hit 6.00, 5.57, 5.47, 5.48, 5.34, 5.40, 5.23, 5.18, 5.21, 4.59. I didn't quite want to drop that last mile so fast, however I was hurting and i wanted to hit under 5.10 pretty bad so I pushed it pretty hard.

Last week was a great week of training going into Gate River 15k and this week has been pretty good as well. tuesday- 10x 3min on, 1min. off which was pretty good and yesterday I did a 4 mile threshold- 5.04, 4.56, 5.12, 5.56. there was a 10 mph wind for the first 3 miles. I will also hit 120 miles this week as well.

In other news! March madness and major league baseball starts soon! my picks are Kansas Jayhawks win national championship!(that's an easy pick) and the Royals have a winning season and make it to the playoffs! thoughts, concerns...

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