Thursday, March 4, 2010

Yay...I have bursitis!

So I know that this sounds weird but I am so excited to finally know what is wrong with my leg that I actually cheered when the doctor told me it was bursitis. I have been hurt for 9 months now and it took 3 medical opinions, 2 MRI's and a lecture in orthopedics to diagnose bursitis. I am truly amazed that with all the medical expertise out there, they still can't correctly diagnose bursitis. I have to tell you a little bit about the journey just because its slightly ridiculous.

I finally broke down and went to a fancy sports ortho clinic. The doc saw me for about 6 minutes (I know cause I timed it) and recommended an MRI. Got the MRI done. They called me back several days later because they needed a second MRI because my joint space was small(?) Cool, I have small joints. Anyway, the 2 MRI's showed nothing and the doc told me it was normal but we could inject the joint space "just in case" it was a meniscus tear. Hmmm...scary but I had nothing else to go on and scheduled the procedure. The day of the procedure I was in an surgical orthopedic rotation at The Children's Hospital and was telling my doc about the shot. He told me he thought it wasn't the greatest call and consulted a friend of his in sports medicine who agreed that it didn't make much sense (bad doctor) and I promptly called and canceled. Disappointed, I called another clinic for a second opinion. Long story short, this doc looked at the MRI, saw bursitis (good doc) , scheduled me for a ultrasound-guided cortisone shot and here I am, pain-free for the last 3 weeks! (good so far)

I have started back super slow but was able to run every day this week. I'm trying not to get my hopes real high, but I hope I can get some good mileage in the next month and start doing workouts soon. Can't wait!

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